Countdown To Better Parenting: Top 5 Ways To Be a Better Parent

If only being a parent came with an instruction manual. While every kid is different, there are some common parenting ideas that can help anyone raising a child. If you are interested in learning how you can be a better parent to your son or daughter, read on.

5. Your kids change, so should your parenting.

What worked for your child when they were toddlers isn’t going to be the best tactic when they become teenagers. How you manage discipline and expectations has to grow along with your son or daughter. If you don’t change to reflect what they are going through, odds are you will make some bad parenting decisions.

4. You need to be involved, but what does that mean?

Being involved in your child’s life is absolutely something that you should do to be a good parent. However, all too often our idea of what that means can get a little off track. Involvement means prioritizing your kids, even before your own needs, and it means being there for them emotionally and physically. It does not, however, mean doing things for them. They have to learn (and yes, sometimes, fail) to become the adult you want them to be.

3. There should be rules, and they need to be consistent.

Setting boundaries and expectations should start when your child is young. Kids need to know what you expect of them. Equally important is that you stick to these rules. Your child will not understand if you are inconsistent, and ultimately, will not respect your authority as a result.

2. Be respectful to your child.

Yes you are the parent, and yes your kids need to respect you. But a fine way to teach them respect is by bestowing that same recognition to them. Children learn by watching, and if you want to raise a respectful child then you must model that behavior not only to others, but to your kid as well.

1. Kids learn from what you do.

Remember how I mentioned that your kid learns by watching you? Well it’s true. Everything you do, they see. If you react badly to a negative situation, they will take that in. Good parenting starts with remembering that what you do matters. How you behave does just as much to shape the behavior of your son and daughter, as what you tell them to do.

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