Top Tips for Choosing a Head Lice Treatment Specialist

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Contemplating tackling head lice head-on means involving a professional head lice treatment specialist. “You mean, there are people out there that actually choose to treat head lice for a living?!” Yes, there are. An industry joke is that it’s a “louse-y” job, but someone has to do it!

A parent’s head lice treatment options are no longer limited to DIY using pesticides on heads and furniture accompanied by loads of laundry, sanitizing and vacuuming everything, and pulling lice and nits from the hair with plastic nit combs – then doing it all over again when the first round proves to not have been enough. The challenge for parents now is to choose the right head lice treatment specialist for their family and circumstances.

In the early 2000’s the idea of hiring help for head lice was really thinking outside of the box. In 2009 Lice Happens, a professional mobile head lice removal company, was founded to give parents struggling with head lice infestations a safe and more effective option than DIY. Lice Happens founders developed their business model based on convenience, efficiency and empowerment then trailblazed to get the word out.

Learning the internet was full of myths and misinformation, they realized Lice Happens could offer additional value by mitigating fear, shame and anxiety through education. “To educate parents and communities, we realized our practitioners would need to be more than just technicians that did the mechanical work of nitpicking. We would thoroughly train professional head lice treatment specialists who would also be subject matter experts on head lice treatment and prevention,” stated Nancy Fields, Lice Happens co-founder.

As more head lice treatment companies enter the market, riding the wave of market growth in head lice treatment and prevention, an educated consumer will be the consumer best served. Here are some top tips for choosing a head lice treatment specialist (as opposed to a technician or nice person hired to help):

  • Training and Certification – A head lice treatment specialist should receive hands-on training by qualified trainers and have adequate hands-on practice treating head lice infestations.
    Why trust your hard-earned money to a company that’s more interested in your money than using theirs to adequately train their staff? Would you feel confident having a person treat your family’s infestation that merely watched an online training video without having received any instruction or hands-on training from a real, qualified person?
  • Treatment Process – A head lice treatment specialist is trained to follow the company’s methodical and time-tested process and are not left to “wing it” on their own.
  • Expense or Investment – A head lice treatment specialist educates and trains parents so parents can accurately screen and treat future exposures to head lice, saving future dollars. Parents can use the same products, tools and process as the specialist thereby not creating a dependency on the company in the future. Without education and training, parents would not be armed with the knowledge and know-how to handle future head lice infestations.