As much as Lice Happens has a passion for providing head lice removal services to families to eliminate infestations, we have a passion for educating the public about head lice.  Lice Happens “Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Head Lice” educational presentations are offered to the general public through our Community Outreach Program.  Lice Happens subject matter experts educate, dispel myths and answer questions about these human parasites with our signature gentle humor.  Understanding head lice as the human parasites they are helps to mitigate the fear and anxiety commonly associated with head lice infestations.

Your Company is a Godsend

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sending Lisa to talk to our parents at St. Rita’s yesterday.

Lisa did such an excellent job of sharing the research that your company has collected that puts an end to much of the misinformation that people believe about lice. She was funny and personable and so knowledgeable. I know these parents left with a new sense that lice are a nuisance and must be treated with diligence, but not something that will infest the school or their homes. Your company is a God send.

Stephanie Rosales St. Rita’s School, Alexandria, VA

Empowering Parents and Faculty

Lice Happens provided clear information in a friendly format that helped debunk many myths our school community held concerning lice. The information will help our school move from a “shame and blame” attitude about lice into one of empowering parents and our school faculty with the factual information they need to deal with this childhood nuisance.

We plan to invite M.J. and Nancy back in the future and we are recommending them to the district to train other school leaders and nurses.

Holly M. Searl, Principal Ross Elementary School District of Columbia Public Schools

Informative and Entertaining

Thank you so much for the informative and entertaining presentation to our Student Health Services team on Tuesday. Head lice continue to be a challenge for our clinic staff and they do create panic in the minds of some parents. Your discussion of this head-scratching subject has generated a lot of positive feedback from the clinic staff at all grade levels. Even when they think they have “heard it all”, there is something new to learn and the comments do reflect that. I know that some people were going to check out your website when they returned to their clinics that afternoon.

Nancy, Virginia

Enlightened and Empowered

…thank you for taking the time to come to speak to the PTA at Wolftrap Elementary School last week. From our very first emails to the end of your talk, you have been patient, informative and accommodating – a real pleasure to work with! We are grateful that you offer this outreach service.

The talk itself was not only enlightening, it was empowering. What a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders to know that having a case of lice in our home, does not have to mean days of tears, laundry, and hiding. More importantly, I now know that I can stop living in fear of lice and let my children be social – I just need to comb or check them on a regular basis. It’s actually very freeing! I have gotten great feedback from those that attended the meeting. Everyone was so appreciative of your professional yet humorous presentation. I know that each person there will now help spread the word of “No shame. No, blame.”

Thank you again for making yourselves available to educate our community.

Gratefully, Polly C., President, Wolftrap ES PTA

Highly Educational and Entertaining

MJ and Nancy came to our elementary school to help de-mystify lice and how young children get lice. Their timing couldn’t have been better – we had just had a lice outbreak in our school, and parents, teachers, and administrators alike were concerned about prevention. MJ and Nancy patiently explained the physics and biology of lice and helped break down a lot of stereotypes and old wives’ tales regarding how to manage and get rid of lice. Everyone learned something new and we are much better prepared now as a community (and as parents) to understand what works (and what doesn’t)! The best part? MJ and Nancy were hysterical – funny, entertaining, engaging! Who knew learning about lice could be so much fun?

Gratefully, Polly C., President, Wolftrap ES PTA

Terrific Presenters

Several parents from my daughter’s school called Lice Happens and found the co-owners to be so helpful and re-assuring. Then we invited them to present an educational session to dispel some of the confusion about treatments and infestations. They were terrific presenters and we were so relieved to FINALLY get accurate information and great combs to treat the problem. Thank you Lice Happens!

Jan R. Chestertown, MD