Untangling the myths about HEAD LICE.

Lice Happens featured in The Washington Post Health & Science section! The parasites are common, especially among kids. Experts dispel misconceptions about the blood-sucking insects. Text by Christina Ianzito and Illustrations by Patterson Clark Published Dec. 3, 2013 Head lice:... Read More

Why I’m Thankful for Lice

As we approach the holiday season, it occurred to me that among the many things I’m grateful for, head lice hold a special place in my heart. Not because they’re kind of cute on the Lice Happens M&M’s we love... Read More

Pediculus Riddikulus: What Would Harry Potter Do?

It’s the season for scary things—witches, goblins, cheap Halloween candy in cellophane packets, and…Boggarts. A “Boggart,” for anyone lacking Harry Potter experience, is a shape-shifting creature that appears to each of us differently, in the form of our own greatest... Read More

Prepare for Pediculosis

Ah, September. The first of the yellow leaves have begun to drift down a few at a time, the first of the yellow school buses have passed by the house, and Halloween candy has replaced the Super Soakers in the... Read More

On-demand cootie removal, free of shame

Lice Happens featured in VEGAS INC! MEET: LICE HAPPENS: On-demand cootie removal, free of shame By VEGAS INC staff August 5, 2013 Describe your business. Lice Happens is a professional mobile head lice removal service. Our proprietary head lice removal... Read More

Of Lice and Men

OK, gentlemen, this one’s for those of you whose kids have come home with head lice, whose wives have freaked out about it, and whose mothers or (mothers-in-law) have had anything at all to say about it. And just in... Read More

Life Lessons from Lice, and the Kardashians

School’s out for summer.  So, dear fans of all things Lice Happen-y, I thought this would be a great time to share some major lessons I’ve learned this term, in pursuit of my advanced degree in Pediculosis Studies. Head Lice... Read More

It’s As Bad As She Thinks

The onset of hot summer weather makes me nostalgic for a winter story.  (This may have to do with my aversion to perspiring through my favorite summer cottons, and I’m just trying to convince myself that I’m more comfortable than... Read More