Super Lice: For Real, But Not Really Super

Super lice! They sound like villain mutants in a science-fiction B movie or at least a great title for one. The trailer might go something like this: “In a world where shower caps and toxic pesticides reigned supreme, there was... Read More

Inner Enlightenment: A Lesson From Lice

Inner Enlightenment: A Lesson from Lice Whether you’re a serious planner or a go-with-the-flow type, one case of head lice could have you scratching your head about which version of “you” actually showed up to deal with it. Is it... Read More

Is Summer Camp a Vacation for Head Lice?

Summer Camp and a Long Lice Vacation No more teachers, no more books? Oh, it’s that special time of year when we pack up the kids for summer camp. They’ll be making the kind of memories that last forever. Get... Read More

When It’s Not a Nit (You’re Not Crazy)

Like many parents, I am quietly watchful for head lice, strep throat, pink eye, and a host of other common conditions that make the rounds among school-age kids. We know these communicable health risks do not discriminate. They do not... Read More

Do Selfies Spread Head Lice? Take Your Best Shot

Are you creeped out by cautionary tales of kids getting head lice from group selfies? Some say the cultural phenomenon has reached new heights in popularity and originality, but the concern over selfie-spread lice takes it to new lows. Isn’t... Read More

School Kids with Head Lice: What’s the Big Deal?

Head lice is a hot topic this week, thanks to a new report from the  American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that recommends putting an end to some schools’ no-nit policies and instead, keeping kids with head lice in class. Their... Read More

Lice Happens, But Do Pets Get Lice, Too?

The act of your child bringing home a head full of lice is disconcerting enough, but the thought of those unwelcome blood suckers spreading to an unsuspecting animal in your care is enough to give most pet owners an additional... Read More

The Technology of Lice Removal

I think about lice. A lot. It’s an occupational hazard, but I can say with certainty that it’s better than the occupational hazards encountered on the Dirty Jobs episodes involving maggot farming, sewage removal or owl vomit collection. Recently, while... Read More

When Lice Happens in the Modern Family

I’m always up for a bit of comic relief when it comes to head lice, a welcome addition to the “calm-ick relief” which I practice here at Lice Happens.  Anyone who can make people laugh about lice is ok by... Read More

A lousy choice: When kids get lice, should parents DIY or go pro?

Lice Happens featured on in the MOMS section! A lousy choice: When kids get lice, should parents DIY or go pro? Eun Kyung Kim TODAY Dec. 10, 2013 at 2:17 PM ET Lice—the little buggers, and the sticky, tiny... Read More