What To Do About Bullying

Today’s kids can experience bullying in person and online. According to stopbullying.gov, almost a third of U.S. students in 6th through 12th grades experience bullying at some point (28 percent). Dealing With a Bully What exactly is bullying? It can... Read More

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy

It is time for the kiddos to head back to school. This means not only new sneakers, new notebooks, new lessons and new friends, but also new colds and other bugs that kids will share with each other. But you... Read More

Back to School Prep

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Dealing With Lice Right The First Time

No one likes finding out that their child has lice, but what is worse is finding out that the treatment you did to get rid of the lice didn’t work. Lice Happens understands the frustration parents feel when it comes... Read More

Stopping the Summer Slide

Worried about your son or daughter forgetting all that they learned during the school year over summer break? The summer slide is something many families are concerned about, but you may not be sure how to prevent it and keep... Read More

Countdown To Better Parenting: Top 5 Ways To Be a Better Parent

If only being a parent came with an instruction manual. While every kid is different, there are some common parenting ideas that can help anyone raising a child. If you are interested in learning how you can be a better... Read More

Summer Is Half Gone: It’s Not Too Late For Summer Camp

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5 Ways To Combat Parental Burnout!

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Look Closer: Top 3 OTC Head Lice Treatment Myths

Standard store-bought head lice treatments with pyrethrin haven’t evolved much since they started appearing in the 1970s. Most people think that when a family member gets head lice, you make a dash for the store and grab a bottle or... Read More

Social Grooming: We Nitpick Because We Care

It doesn’t take much scrolling through Facebook posts to find an inspirational quote superimposed on a serene backdrop to ponder over for a moment or two. One recent post left me pondering a little longer than that: “Actions speak louder... Read More