5 Ways To Combat Parental Burnout!

You love your kids, there’s no disputing that. But parenting is a job and sometimes you need a break or you risk burning out. If you think you are close to the edge, we’ve got some tips to help you combat parental burnout.

1. Forget perfection. Good enough is great.

Too many of us strive for an idyllic childhood for our kids and expect our lives to be picture perfect. Life is not, nor will it ever be, perfect. You can make things instantly easier for yourself by simply lowering your expectations. Are the kids mostly happy, fed reasonably well, safe and loved? Then job well done, mom and dad!

2. Have an outlet.

Just because you have kids and are a parent, doesn’t mean you stop being a person, too. You have to have ways to remember and reconnect with the adult you. Whether it is a regular movie night with girlfriends, a standing coffee meet up with other moms or a date night with your significant other. Take a moment to recharge.

3. Focus on the positive.

It can be hard to maintain a glass half full attitude, but if you make an effort to focus on the things in your life that are going right, you will not only be able to ward off burnout more effectively, but you will also be setting a powerful example to your kids for how they should handle any adversity that life throws there way.

4. Keep a goal.

Whether you call it a goal or a hope or a dream, having something that you are striving for and actively pursing can do a lot for your attitude. If you have hope, you are more likely to feel in control of your daily life and, subsequently, feel happier and more satisfied overall.

5. Toughen up—mentally.

Think of this as bootcamp for your brain. People who are more optimistic are more likely to know that whatever bad stuff is going on in their lives will not last forever. Also, they are more likely to come up with solutions to help them through any rough patches. Try exercising your optimism muscle to build up your mental toughness to handle any speed bumps you may encounter.

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