Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Silver Spring, MD

Lice Happens provides effective and efficient mobile in-home treatment for the removal of head lice in Silver Spring, MD and surrounding areas. If you have found head lice at your house call to have one of our specialists dispatched to your home to take care of it. Call 443-510-4480 now! We will schedule a lice removal treatment in your home at the time of your choosing.

We get it right the first time.  One effective non-toxic treatment and the head lice problem is gone. Guaranteed. Each treatment is natural, gentle, safe, and does not contain pesticides.

If you are wondering if we cover your neighborhood please call 443-510-4480 or email us 24/7 at

One of the most uneasy feelings to experience as a parent or guardian is to find out that your child has been exposed to head lice at school. What is worse is finding out it has spread to your whole household. Lice Happens is here to help you when you have an infestation. We offer effective treatment for lice removal to all residents of the Silver Spring, MD area, so there is no need to visit a costly salon. Our professional staff knows what a stressful experience lice can be and can offer you a comprehensive treatment procedure that is practical and low cost.

Our head lice removal service is completely safe and free from harsh pesticides and harmful chemicals. Our treatments are not invasive or intrusive and take roughly 1 to 1.5 hours. We use of high quality products that are safe and effective. Our services include educating you on head lice prevention methods and techniques that will ensure head lice and nits (lice eggs) never become a problem in your home again.

We are an experienced company with highly trained head lice treatment specialists who have experience in diverse cases that range from mild to extreme. We are highly capable of handling any situation that comes our way. We have the ability to remove head lice in a fast and simple manner leaving you lice free and confident that you will never have an infestation again. We take no shortcuts during our lice removal treatments and guarantee that when we leave your home you will be satisfied and lice free.

If you are in need of assistance with removing head lice or have any questions on the subject, feel free to contact our 24-hour hotline at the Silver Spring, MD center. The telephone number is 443-510-4480. Don’t hesitate to call us for help eliminating head lice from your life effectively and permanently. Call our lice clinic at 443-510-4480.