Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Potomac, MD

Do you need a Lice Treatment specialist in your home? Are you experiencing a lice infestation that you just cannot get rid of? Lots of home experience a lice infestation, especially with young kids. Lice Happens is a professional mobile lice removal service in Potomac, MD and all surrounding areas. We offer all natural treatments so you will not have to worry about harmful chemicals in your home.

Avoid embarrassing trips to the store and have a Lice professional get rid of your infestation all in one treatment. Our mobile clinic is available in Potomac, MD and all surrounding areas to be dispatched to you. Remember, only one call, one treatment, and peace of mind afterwards. Are you interested in an all natural way and effective way to remove lice from your home? Call our around the clock LiceLine at 443-510-4480 , we are waiting on you, or you can email us at info

As a parent, discovering your child has been exposed to head lice at school can be quite unsettling, to say the least. That worry is heightened by the fact that head lice can spread quite fast to everyone living in your home. At Lice Happens, we empathize with the stress that this may cause your household. We are pleased to offer an extensive professional and practical lice removal service to residents of the Potomac, MD area.

Our mobile clinic offers you efficient treatments that work thoroughly. We will never inundate you with unnecessary and costly services and we offer faster success with lice removal than any salon. Our products are safe for the whole family and free from any harsh or harmful chemicals or pesticides. One treatment with us is all you need. It only takes about an hour to an hour and a half to thoroughly remove all traces of head lice, including the nits (lice eggs). We are also happy to educate you on how to prevent contracting head lice in the future.

Head lice infestations can be mild or extreme but either way, Lice Happens is a company that knows how to get rid of them. We are a specialist team that is equipped to remove lice in a fast and efficient way. The lice removal techniques that we use are effective enough for you to feel relief and complete satisfaction once we have left your home. You will also feel confident that you will never have to suffer a head lice infestation ever again. We guarantee complete success every time and take no shortcuts when administering our thorough yet fast treatments.

Our center in Potomac, MD has a 24-hour hotline that you can contact for assistance on removing head lice and for any questions you may have. The number to call is 443-510-4480. Let us assist you with removing head lice for good. Call us today @ 443-510-4480