Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Pikesville, MD

Effective Lice Removal and Treatment

If your child has been exposed to lice at school, it may leave you feeling uncomfortable and upset. In addition to the fear that your child has lice, you might worry that the rest of your family has been infected too. Lice Happens in Pikesville, MD is here to help. We offer thorough and professional lice removal services which are available for the whole family.

Safe Treatment Options

As a professional mobile salon, we offer a safe, non-toxic method of lice removal treatment which won’t harm your scalp with toxic chemicals. We offer a safe and effective lice removal treatment which only needs to be administered once. Our specialist service comes with informative information on how to prevent any head lice infestations in the future. With our lice removal service treatments, you are unlikely to suffer head lice or lice eggs in the future.

Our Professional Lice Removal Treatments

Our professional treatments are inexpensive and don’t take up too much of your time. We treat your head lice for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. The specialist procedures we use are scientifically proven to work and guarantee full removal of all head lice and nits. We are highly trained in removing mild to extreme cases of infestation so no matter what your level of problem is, we can help eradicate it. You don’t pay regular clinic prices as we offer you very cost-effective services that work after one treatment. You won’t need to keep treating your hair to be rid of the nits for good. Lice Happens is a company that is dedicated to offering efficient and professional services to all. Our specialists are trained and equipped to rid you of your lice infestation once and for all.

Contact Us for Professional Lice Removal

Lice Happens is available to offer you both effective treatments, and peace of mind. For lice removal services in the  Pikesville, Maryland area, or for information on lice removal, please contact our clinic hotline at 443.510.4480