Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Montgomery County, MD

Professional Treatment for head Lice

Getting the dreaded phone call that your child has head lice can be very overwhelming.  At Lice Happens we understand and we are here to offer relief.  We treat all residents of Montgomery County, MD with professional lice removal service which is fast, incredibly effective and low cost. Our treatments are both comprehensive and practical solutions for the overall removal of nasty lice and their eggs.  You can reach us at 443-510-4480.

Safe Head Lice Treatment

Our products are made of all natural ingredients which are completely safe for people of all ages.  We use NO harmful pesticides or harsh chemicals.  Our highly trained specialists offer discreet, effective and efficient head lice removal in the comfort of your own home.

Professional Lice Removal Specialists

Our certified head lice removal specialists will screen all family members and then treat those affected.  While treating, our mobile clinic offers you a complete understanding of lice, how to avoid future infestations and what needs to be done to the home.  Much of the information found regarding lice is misinformation.  We will dispel those myths and arm you with the facts.

Contact Us Today for Effective Head Lice Removal

If you have a head lice problem that needs to be dealt with or any questions about lice contact our Montgomery County, MD center at 443-510-4480.  Our 24 hour Liceline is ready to answer any questions and save you from the stress and uneasiness of having to deal with head lice yourself.