Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Ellicott City, MD

Professional In-Home Lice Removal

It can be overwhelming when your child comes home with head lice.  That overwhelm is made worse by the fact that they can easily spread to your other family members. At Lice Happens we understand! Our experts will see to it that your head lice problem becomes a thing of the past. Our professional mobile clinic ensures effective lice removal treatment. We provide all natural in-home lice removal service to put your mind at ease. Our specialists are ready to help you in Ellicott City and the surrounding area.  Call our knowledgeable staff 443.510.4480.

Safe and Effective Treatment

We use only all natural ingredients in our products that are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. There are no health risks with our treatment. During our removal process, you will learn about proven methods to combat head lice and prevent any infestations in the future.

Professional and Compassionate Staff

Our highly trained specialists are accustomed to dealing with all levels of lice infestations from mild to extreme.  Our treatments are efficient and fast acting but we don’t cut corners when treating you and your family.

The Lice Happens team is extremely compassionate and will provide you with professional salon head lice removal service in the comfort of your own home. Once our mobile clinic leaves your home, you will feel confident that your lice struggles are over.

Contact Us for Lice Removal

It is best to seek immediate help at the first signs of an infestation so call our Ellicott City, MD center at 443.510.4480,  this is our 24 hour Liceline that can also assist you with any questions you may have about head lice. You can also email us at  We’ll be there whenever Lice Happens.