Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Columbia, MD

Professional Removal of Head Lice

Finding out that your child has lice can be overwhelming.  Questions run through your head – Do I have it also?  What about the rest of the family?  How do I get rid of the head lice?  Lice Happens in Columbia, MD is here to answer all of your questions about lice removal and take the proper steps necessary in the treatment process. We provide high quality professional mobile lice removal treatment in just one visit!  Call us at  443.510.4480 for fast and efficient lice removal in the comfort of your own home.

Safe and Simple Treatments

We use all natural and safe ingredients in our products – no harsh chemicals or pesticides. Our  products are safe for all ages.  While you are being treated our specialists educate you every step of the way.  You will learn about prevention and combing techniques.

Trained Lice Removal Specialists

Our specialists are highly trained professionals, efficient at getting rid of head lice. We have extensive experience treating family members of all ages and we are accustomed to dealing with all levels of infestation, from mild to extreme.

Contact Us For your Lice Removal Needs

For service in Columbia, MD or the surrounding area or information regarding head lice removal and prevention call our 24 hour Liceline 443.510.4480.  You can also reach us via email at