Why Use Our Service

I tried to remove head lice, but over the counter or prescription remedies didn’t work!

You may have tried one of the many over-the-counter or prescription head lice removal remedies,and many of our clients have.  But which ones are the best?  Are they safe to use on my child’s scalp?  How can I be sure I’m using them correctly?  Why are there still live bugs on my child’s head after I used them?  If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, we can help.

Unfortunately, most of these head lice treatments are difficult to use correctly, can be expensive when multiple treatments are necessary, and may contain compounds like malathion, lindane, pyrethrins or permethrin, whose safety and efficacy have been called into question.  Many parents turn to
them, desperate for a shortcut to killing the lice with minimal effort.

In addition, some of the products come with combs that are, well, less-than-adequate for the job.  Those plastic nit combs belong in the recycling bin, period.

Head lice removal is a tedious job when done correctly, and most parents don’t have the time, the skills, the tools or the desire to physically remove the lice, nymphs and nits that plague their families.  If this sounds like your situation, call the Lice Happens LiceLine at 443.510.4480.

I need someone I can trust to help me remove head lice, who won’t take advantage of my frazzled emotional state or lack of professional head lice expertise.

Lice Happens was co-founded by a nurturing and knowledgeable Registered Nurse and an obsessively process-oriented Quality Assurance professional who will treat your family and your wallet as if they were their own.  No one will sell you lice removal services or products that you don’t need.  Only Lice Happens can give you the peace of mind that comes from having a trained medical professional on staff, the confidence that comes from the scientific research and methods we use for head lice treatment, and a flawless reputation for outstanding client service.

Trust is a big deal to you, and we understand that.  If you want the reassurance
that comes from inviting skilled and professional lice treatment specialists to your home,
call the Lice Happens LiceLine at 443.510.4480.

I called another head lice removal service, and they said I needed hundreds of dollars of house cleaning services to make sure the lice don’t come back.

If you’ve run into other lice removal services that try to sell you on hours of house cleaning services, keep running.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Harvard School of Public Health, there is no reason to go to extreme lengths to rid your house of lice, because lice don’t live in houses, they live on heads!  You’ll want to launder bed linens where infested people have laid their heads, and if you want a house cleaning service to help, there are plenty of inexpensive options.  There is no need to pay a lice removal service fee to remove lice from anything but a human head.  If you’ve been advised to make herculean efforts to clean your house from ceiling tile to floorboard, call the Lice Happens LiceLine at 443.510.4480, and we’ll walk you through a better approach.

If you want head lice removed quickly, let us do it right the first time.  We’ve seen many cases where families have turned to the pantry for folk remedies like mayonnaise, vinegar or olive oil, or to the bathroom closet for Vaseline and a shower cap.  They feel better,thinking they’re doing something that will work overnight, until they realize that they wasted valuable time that could have been better spent on effective head lice removal.  And as a bonus, they’ve got a kid who’s feeling miserable because they had to wear a salad dressing on their head or spent hours trying to be patient while their parents struggle to remove sticky petroleum products from their matted hair. Don’t even THINK about getting out the camera for this particular family memory.

Parents will do just about anything to try to find an instant and inexpensive lice removal cure.  If such a thing existed, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.If you’ve tried a folk remedy that caused more problems than it solved, call the Lice Happens LiceLine at 443.510.4480.

The ICK! Factor is just too much for me.

Let’s face it—we’re dealing with a pretty big ICK! factor here.  Years of fear, stigma, misinformation, and folklore surrounding head lice removal have trained even the most rational people to think of head lice as dirty, disease-bearing sources of shame.  The specialists at Lice Happens are armed with the scientific knowledge to overcome that fear, debunk the myths, and prevent you from wasting time on folk remedies that just don’t work.

If you feel squeamish or otherwise unprepared to deal with head lice treatment, call the Lice Happens LiceLine at 443.510.4480, and we’ll talk you off the ledge.

I need advice on how to break the cycle of head lice in my family or school.

Tired of hearing a million conflicting stories about how to manage the cycle of head lice?  Don’t want to sort through the pages and pages of internet information, scholarly and professional medical journals for sound lice removal advice?  Lice Happens has been there, done that, and can give you the straight scoop.  We won’t waste your time, and we’d rather educate you than sell you something you don’t need, because we believe that our business depends on client satisfaction rather than revenue.  We are trusted advisors to schools and medical practices, and we can be your most valuable
resource for the information you need to make smart choices for lice treatments and products.  If you are wondering if the truth can set you free of head lice, contact the Lice Happens LiceLine at 443.510.4480, and become a believer.