Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Herndon, VA

Effective Removal of Lice

How do I remove head lice safely and effectively? What do I do if I get head lice? What if it spreads to the rest of my family? These are questions you may have when your child is exposed to head lice. Luckily, Lice Happens is your one-stop solution to solve your head lice problems. We offer comprehensive mobile lice treatment options that are practical and affordable.  Our mobile clinic offers head lice removal services in Herndon, VA and surrounding Northern Virginia areas.  Call us with any of your questions at 443.510.4480.

What We Do

We use a comprehensive approach to our lice removal services, combining thorough meticulous combing of the hair with our effective, non-toxic products to remove lice and nits.  Not everyone with head lice experiences the classic symptom of an itchy scalp, therefore we screen all members of the household during our visit.  Our goal is to safely and completely rid your family of head lice using only pesticide-free products, so that your life can return to normal! We assure your total satisfaction.

In-Home Service vs. Going to a Salon

Convenience is the number one factor for having service performed at home vs. in the lice salon. We do not need “FDA-cleared equipment” or a special setting to remove head lice. When hiring a professional lice removal service to come to you, your family can continue regular daily activities, without the added inconvenience of sitting in traffic or spending hours in a lice salon while each family member is screened and treated.

All of our Lice Removal Specialists are trained and certified to safely and effectively treat your family and provide you with peace of mind.

Call Us for Assistance

Call our Lice Happens 24-LiceLine to reach our lice treatment services at 443.510.4480. We will dispatch one of our professional and certified head lice removal specialists to treat your family in the comfort and privacy of your home.