Super Lice: For Real, But Not Really Super

Super lice! They sound like villain mutants in a science-fiction B movie or at least a great title for one. The trailer might go something like this: “In a world where shower caps and toxic pesticides reigned supreme, there was only one force strong enough to avoid death—Super lice! They’re here! Stronger than ever! EEEEK!”

What are “super lice,” really? They are head lice that have become immune to traditional over-the-counter (OTC) treatments, specifically those containing insecticides pyrethrin and permethrin. Head lice have been underestimated in their ability to survive and evolve for about 100,000 years now. It makes sense that these little critters have, in fact, evolved once again over the past couple of decades.

Studies show that head lice have become genetically resistant to the drugs in most popular drugstore head lice shampoos and treatments. How could this happen? Well, it works much the same way humans develop resistance to antibiotics when medication is misused or overused. You’ve probably heard of strep and other infections dubbed “superbugs,” those also resistant to antibiotics or usual course of prescribed medications. In other words, it’s the natural course of things.

If you already know us, then you know the team at Lice Happens will usually see the best in every situation. And we have some good news about super lice. First, they haven’t developed any new survival skills besides surviving the application of the two traditional OTC ingredients. They don’t live any longer than they used to, so consistent and meticulous combing that interrupts their life cycle and removes them from their feeding source is still the best remedy for head lice removal. The fact that head lice cannot hop, skip or jump remains true. Super lice, like plain ole head lice, cannot fly. They crawl like the rest, and they’re no faster at crawling.

Here is the best news of all: Our all-natural, eco-friendly approach is an effective treatment for all head lice, even super lice. Lice Happens has never had to alter the type of service we provide, so our mobile lice treatment service is still the preferred choice for families who want friendly, discreet, non-toxic head lice removal.

Please remember, if you spot a tiny bug that seems faster than a bird or plane with the power to leap over humans in a single bound, it is not a super louse. We’ll leave the evolution of that caped villain to Hollywood.