Lice Happens Offers In-Home Head Lice Removal, Serving the Greater Maryland Metropolitan Area

New mobile service comes to you to eliminate head lice, educates to prevent re-infestation

Let’s face it, lice happens and when it does, Maryland, DC and Virginia residents can now turn to Lice Happens ( professionals to provide discreet, cost-effective, in-home head lice removal. Lice Happens Specialists are dispatched to private homes quickly to effectively identify and remove head lice using only natural, pesticide-free products and a hands-on approach. Complimenting this service, they provide family education and training to prevent re-infestations, as well as offer the latest in tools and products.

The discovery of head lice strikes panic in most parents who are quick to make a beeline to the local drug store for a remedy. However, traditional over-the-counter products frequently contain pesticides. What’s also not widely known is that these products often do not completely rid the head of lice and nits. Frustrated parents often reapply the product too soon, further exposing their children to harsh chemicals without satisfactory results.

Lice Happens was co-founded by Mary Jane Eckert, RN and Nancy Fields after Nancy got a desperate call from her twin sister regarding a persistent lice infestation in her two children causing numerous missed school days.

“Lice happens and when it does, schools need confirmation that the infestation has been eliminated before children can return to the classroom,” remarked Eckert. “We are delighted to offer a practical, eco-friendly solution to this almost certain family disruption,” added Fields. Parents as well as school and camp administrators may take advantage of no-fuss flexible scheduling with a Lice Happens™ Specialist by calling 410-353-7759. Screenings, informational seminars and educational programs are available upon request.

About Head Lice: Head lice require human hosts and cannot be spread by or survive on animals. Head lice are usually contracted via head-to-head contact. Although unable to jump or fly, head lice can easily maneuver through strands of hair. Head lice are common across all socio-economic lines and are NOT a sign of uncleanliness.

About Lice Happens: Lice Happens, a Maryland-based head lice removal service, offers in-home head lice removal, education and community outreach. The company was founded by two Annapolis residents, Mary Jane Eckert, RN a 15 year school and camp nurse veteran and Nancy Fields, a 10 year quality assurance entrepreneur. For more information about Lice Happens visit or contact Lice Happens™ at or 410-353-7759.