Inner Enlightenment: A Lesson From Lice

Inner Enlightenment: A Lesson from Lice

Whether you’re a serious planner or a go-with-the-flow type, one case of head lice could have you scratching your head about which version of “you” actually showed up to deal with it. Is it crazy to think we have something to learn about ourselves from lice? We can definitely learn from the head lice experience and make new discoveries about ourselves in the process.

  1. You’re great at handling pressure, or not.

There’s never a good time for a head lice infestation. You might be getting ready for out-of-town guests or maybe you just sat down to unwind from a busy day when realization hits. Will these awful insects have you freaking out while your wide-eyed family members take cover? Or will you be overcome with calm and roll out your best louse-y jokes?

We spend a lot of time helping families deal with the emotional strain of a sudden situation that causes discomfort and uncertainty. But the fact that we can help others stress less, and that we do it well, is something lice helped us learn about ourselves. You might discover the same thing!

  1. You evaluate your true circle of trust.

There’s a great scene in the 1990s movie “Practical Magic” that puts Sandra Bullock’s character in a desperate situation. She must get help from PTA moms that have ridiculed her witchy ways for years, or her sister could die. Phone number list in hand, she makes the first call. “Hi, it’s Sally. I’m activating the phone tree!”

While head lice infestation probably won’t throw you into Hollywood-level drama, it’s good to know who you would call for reinforcement. Do you have someone on your list who is supportive and discreet, who is a good listener and helpful if needed? Yes, that definitely sounds like us! But as far as other friends go, you might not call who you think you would call, until it’s finally time to make the call.

  1. You face your stereotypes head-on.

In this age of information, there’s plenty of misinformation, too. There’s nothing like a first-time louse hunt to leave you wondering how much you really know. It can be a challenge to wipe the mental slate clean when it comes to wondering who’s to blame and why good hygiene didn’t hold off the head lice. That’s when we learn even the smartest of us are susceptible to at least a few faulty facts and myths.

Our mobile lice treatment service keeps us rolling from one “no shame, no blame” experience to the next. We would love to hear about your self-discoveries from head lice encounters, and we’re just as excited to tell you more about ours when you get in touch.