Choosing a Lice Treatment Service

How To Get Real Head Lice Expertise

The lesson from our last post is that a little research goes a long way to making sure you get subject matter experts, rather than technicians, when you invite a professional head lice removal service into your home or school. Here are a few questions you can use when interviewing head lice treatment services to quickly determine their level of expertise:

Ask if anyone on staff has medical training. Is there an RN or MD on staff?  Find out how the specialists who will treat your family have been trained, what their treatment protocols are, and how they keep up with the latest in treatments.

Ask about their screening process. If they don’t wet comb the hair for screening, call someone who does.

Ask them to describe their protocol and why they do things that way.  If they can’t give you a detailed description of thorough and repetitive combing process with proven results, find someone who can.

Ask them how they break the life cycle of lice to prevent recurrence. If they can’t tell you specifically how long it takes for a nit to hatch, mature, mate and lay its own eggs, call someone who has expertise with head lice.

Ask them about currently available head lice treatments. If they can’t describe at least four different categories of over-the-counter and prescription treatments, and give you the pros and cons of each, get in touch with someone familiar with all of the options.

Sadly, misinformation about head lice is still rampant in the 21st Century. When lice happens to your family, make sure they get the best possible advice from real professionals.