Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Springfield, VA

Effective Head Lice Treatment

Having head lice can be a very stressful situation for families and can seem impossible to get rid of.  Wasting hours on over-the-counter chemicals that are becoming less effective can be very frustrating.  Our compassionate lice removal specialists will get your family back on track and give you much needed peace of mind.

Lice Happens was founded by a registered nurse and has helped families like yours for 9 years.  We have a proven track record of success and are ready to help your family. We offer an in-home head lice removal service that effectively treats everyone regardless of age. We serve Springfield, VA and surrounding vicinity, call us at 443.510.4480.

Why Choose Lice Happens

Since 2009 Lice Happens has become the industry leader within the local communities we service through schools and pediatricians. Our professional service cannot be duplicated. With love, pride, and meticulous detail Lice Happens and its team of well- trained and certified lice treatment specialists are ready and available to help your family eradicate head lice the safe and effective way.

You don’t need to visit costly salons or clinics as we come to your home. Our head lice treatment service is completely safe for all ages. We use only high quality natural products that are free from toxic pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Kid-Friendly Service

Many a parent has tried and failed at the daunting task of treating an entire family. Hard-work and love aren’t enough. To eradicate head lice, every nit and louse MUST be removed.  Proper training and technique are everything. Our lice treatment is easy on kids & tough on lice.

We pledge 100% satisfaction.  Lice Happens will take away the stress without having to deal with the mess!

We’ve seen it all before and can make it go away quickly and safely. Our efficient and compassionate service handles any case – big or small, and we’ll educate you on how to prevent future head lice infestations. Our service also includes extensive education on lice FAQs and dispels misinformation, greatly reducing the chances of re-infestation.

If this sounds like your situation, call the Lice Happens LiceLine at 443.510.4480 today for help!