Mobile Lice Removal And Treatment – Short Pump, Virginia

Thorough Lice Removal

No one wants that dreaded phone call that their child has head lice.  But when the phone call comes Lice Happens is here to help.  Our professional head lice removal service begins with one of our specialists discreetly arriving at your home.  We quickly and accurately screen all members of your household.  This is an important step since not everyone experiences the typical itchy head symptoms.  We then treat only those infested with our proven treatment method, thoroughly and meticulously combing the lice and nits out of the hair.  If you live in Short Pump, VA and need help with head lice call us at 804-495-5426.

Safest Lice Removal Treatment

Our products are effective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  We use only natural ingredients that are totally safe for your entire family, no worrying about harsh chemicals coming in contact with your child’s head.

At Lice Happens, we are highly trained and certified professionals.  Our seasoned nit pickeres are skillfully trained to educate you, treat your family and provide you with ways to avoid any future infestations.  They are experienced at dealing with all hair types and levels of infestation.

Confidential In-Home Services

Our mobile lice service is done in the privacy of your home which provides the discretion and convenience that a lice salon cannot.  We respect your privacy and are able to bring our professionalism to you in a most confidential manner. Our goal is to keep your family free of lice today and in the future.

Contact Us for Help

Call our 24-hour Lice-line at 804-495-5426 for more information about how to have a certified lice treatment specialist dispatched to your home to eliminate your family’s head lice issues in the Short Pump, Virginia area.