Mobile Lice Removal And Treatment – Richmond, Virginia

Professional Lice Removal Services

We all know how upsetting it can be to get that unpleasant call from the school nurse that your child has lice.  With over nine years as the industry leader for lice removal treatment in the Richmond, VA area, Lice Happens is ready to tackle your lice problem and get your life back to normal.  Call us at 804-495-5426.

How We Work

Our specialist will discreetly arrive at your home and screen all members of the household.  This screening process is thorough but quick.  People don’t always experience typical itching when they have lice which is why it’s so important to screen the entire family.  The last thing you want is to have an unchecked family member re-infesting anyone.  We then treat those effected with our all natural treatment products which are free from toxins and chemicals.

Skillfully Trained  Lice Removal Professionals

Lice Happens is a company that is dedicated to providing only the best head lice removal service. Our seasoned lice treatment specialists are skillfully trained to educate you, treat your family and provide you with ways to avoid any future infestations.  They are experienced at dealing with all hair types and levels of infestation.  As we are thoroughly combing lice and nits out of affected heads, you will learn how best to spend your time and energy when dealing with head lice.

Call Our 24/7 Lice-Line

Call our 24/7 Lice Line at 804-495-5426 for head lice removal treatment in the Richmond, Virginia area.  We’re here to help.