Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment NOVA

Lice Happens provides in-home head lice removal services that are safe for your entire family. You can reach us at 443.510.4480. Our lice removal services are available in Nova and the surrounding metro area. Lice Happens uses certified professionals that use all natural products that are safe for you and your family. When you arrive at your home, our knowledgeable lice treatment specialists will not only remove lice in a single visit, we will also educate you and your family on ways to prevent future outbreaks.

Please call 443.510.4480 to set an appointment with one of our certified, professional lice treatment specialists to treat your home and/or family.

If you want lice removal done right the first time, please call us today! You can also get more information or set an appointment by emailing Lice Happens at

When you encounter the first signs of head lice: scratching, rash behind the ears, tiny eggs on the hair shaft; it can be frustrating. What’s even more stressful is not knowing if others in your family have also been infected. It can be hard to deal with these issues when you have a busy schedule. At Lice Happens, we understand. That’s why we send our trained professional to your home to eliminate the lice from you and your loved ones in the NOVA area. Our services are perfect for all ages. No salons or clinics. We center our mobile lice removal service around your schedule, to make it easy on you.

We utilize high-quality products with safe ingredients and we ensure there are no harmful pesticides or dangerous chemicals. With the Lice Happens mobile clinic, you won’t have to worry about the dangerous and frustrating application of unknown chemicals. Our treatments are cost-friendly and we’ll never bombard you with options for treatments you don’t need. Previously, to remove lice has often required treatments that contain questionable chemicals, and may have been applied and reapplied several times. We guarantee a thorough and complete removal, and we’ll even educate you on lice prevention techniques so that you can be sure re-infestation doesn’t occur.

Our treatment specialists are trained for a variety of cases ranging from the mild to the extreme, and as professionals, we are well equipped to handle any situation. Our extensive experience has given us the ability to quickly and easily remove all the infecting lice and nits (lice eggs) using safe and effective treatments. We ensure complete removal and our service usually takes roughly 1 to 1.5 hours to complete.

For information about head lice removal in the NOVA area, or for more information about quickly and effectively eliminating any head lice issues in your family please call our 24-hour hotline at 443.510.4480.