Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment NOVA

Professional Head Lice Removal Services

At Lice Happens, our head lice removal treatment service begins with an in-home visit from one of our highly-trained specialists.  First, we quickly and accurately screen everyone for signs of a head lice infestation.  We will then treat the affected heads by thoroughly and meticulously combing the lice and nits from the hair.

We use our own products, which are free from chemicals and pesticides.  They are non-toxic and completely safe to use on anyone regardless of age.  Our process is efficient and ensures success.  For lice treatment in NOVA call us at 443.510.4480.

Confidential In-Home Services

Our mobile lice service is done in the privacy of your home which provides the discretion and convenience that a lice salon cannot.  We respect your privacy and are able to bring our professionalism to you in a most confidential manner. Let us help you comfortably in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home.  Our goal is to keep your family free of lice today and in the future.

Skillfully Trained Head Lice Removal Specialists

Lice Happens is a company that is dedicated to providing only the best head lice removal services. Our head lice treatment specialists are skillfully trained and extremely professional.  They are equipped to deal with all hair types and infestation levels.

Knowledge is power. You can count on our visit to be informative and educational.  As we are thoroughly combing lice and nits out of affected heads, you will learn how best to spend your time and energy when dealing with head lice.

Contact Us to Eradicate Head Lice

Calling Lice Happens at 443.510.4480 is the first step in quickly returning your life back to normal.  Our mobile head lice removal services in the greater NOVA area are available 7 days a week.