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Lice Happens is a mobile clinic that serves Henrico County, Virginia and the surrounding areas with lice removal and treatment. If you are interested in safe and all natural services around Henrico County, Virginia and within the surrounding area, call 443-510-4480 or dial our Lice Line any day anytime for our services. We are ready and in cooperation to send our certified professionals and treatment specialist to your home.

Since we are mobile,the first time you call us we provide a professional treatment. All you need is make one call and we immediately visit you and do the treatment. We offer you best services to get your peace of mind to your entire family back. For more information and details about Lice Happens, our services or your feedback contact us through 443-510-4480

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Non-toxic Mobile Head Lice Treatments in Henrico County, Virginia

So, you have in hand the head lice notification letter from your child’s daycare center or school that says they are dealing with a head lice outbreak. You have heard about this sort of thing before. People are talking about incredibly toxic chemicals and horrible pesticides or even ineffective treatments that just cause frustration for the parents and children and the schools and day care centers. This is certainly overwhelming and has started to become very stressful just thinking about what to do next.

At Lice Happens we understand.

Lice Happens is a professional mobile lice removal service that focuses on professionally helping families and individuals of all ages with effective in-home, non-toxic, environmentally friendly treatments for head lice and for nits (the lice eggs) with no pesticides. A certified professional head lice treatment specialist is dispatched to your home where they thoroughly screen each of your family members for head lice and for nits (the lice eggs). Some cases are really quite mild whereas others can absolutely be really quite extreme.

Our highly trained professional lice removal specialists have been trained and have experience with the whole range of cases so they can effectively eliminate the lice (and the nits) no matter how extreme or mild the case is. Each family member who requires the treatment is then appropriately treated with a gentle, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, yet guaranteed effective treatment with no pesticides in the comfort and privacy of your own home. There is no need to go to a clinic or salon when there is a discreet mobile service company that will come right to your door, available as close as your telephone at 443-510-4480.

Call now on our 24 hours Lice Line at 443-510-4480 in Henrico County, Virginia for more information about how our mobile head lice removal services work and how you can get quick, effective, guaranteed and discreet elimination of your family’s head lice issues dispatched to your home.