Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Falls Church, VA

Lice Happens gives effective in-home head lice removal benefits in Falls Church, VA and surrounding areas. If you are in need of lice treatment in Falls Church, VA or the encompassing metro territory, call 443.510.4480 which is our 24 Hour LiceLine now! We’re are prepared and will send out expert lice treatment to you in the privacy and security of your own home.

With Lice Happens, there’s one call, one visit to be lice free.

With Lice Happens be assured of quality and efficient services any time of day and night.We are at your service just mobile call away.

Head lice – it’s a word no one wants to hear, especially within their own home. Unfortunately, it spreads like rapid fire. All your child needs to do is share their hat once and  – a full infestation in their hair and in your home. Even worse is the idea of it spreading to you! Trying to remove lice on your own can be a major stress and headache, and can consume hours of your time. Luckily, with a mobile treatment center like Lice Happens, you don’t have to feel alone. If you are living in the Falls Church, VA area, we can help you rid your home of eggs and nits in as little as 1-1.5 hours!

One of the main benefits about Lice Happens is that we are a completely mobile salon. This means that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to receive lice removal services. It also means that we can not only help you to remove lice from your hair, but we can also teach you how to properly clean your home to ensure that they aren’t living on household items like your pillows and linens. In addition, before we leave your home, one of our professionals will speak with you to ensure that you know exactly what to do to prevent lice from reoccurring in the future.

At Lice Happens we not only guarantee that your lice problem will be resolved, but we also guarantee that all of our lice removal treatments are safe and effective. With the help of a Lice Treatment Specialist at our company, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and pesticides being used on your hair. Instead, we use products that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and completely safe to be used on the scalp.

If you or someone you know is having trouble getting rid of lice, or simply doesn’t have the time to deal with it, put your trust in us! When you call our 24 help and LiceLine, you can feel assured that everything you say is completely secure and confidential. Not only can we give you advice over the phone, but we can also send one of our lice removal specialists to your home to provide you with the treatments and services that you need to banish the bugs the first time! Call today – 443.510.4480