Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Chantilly, VA

Feeling embarrassed of head lice roaming freely in your hair? No need to worry because “Lice Happens” and that is where Lice Happens comes to your rescue! At Lice Happens, we pride ourselves on providing professional and high-quality in-home and mobile head lice removal services.

Our services are available in Chantilly, VA and surrounding areas. If you are in need of a head lice removal and treatment service that is all natural and medically safe in Chantilly, VA or surrounding metro area, please feel free to call us at 443.510.4480 or you can contact our 24-Hour LiceLine now and we will be happy to help!

We are more than ready to send out our certified lice treatment specialists to attend to you in your home, call us today! With Lice Happens, we guarantee only one call, one visit, and then your peace of mind.

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At Lice Happens, we know the time, energy, and amount of worry expended when your child comes home with a case of head lice. While unpleasant to deal with, the specialists at Lice Happens can calm your fears with our all-inclusive mobile lice removal treatments designed specifically for you and your family in mind. We serve all of Chantilly, VA and the surrounding areas.

Other treatments may leave you feeling unsure if you’ve done everything you can to eradicate the head lice. They can also be expensive. At Lice Happens, we offer thorough and comprehensive removal of head lice infestations without the use of harmful chemicals and noxious pesticides. To put you at ease, we even teach head lice removal techniques to prevent further spread into your home, and to eliminate them for good. Our treatment times are also very short, with times ranging from 1 to 1 ½ hours on average. Your time is important. Don’t waste it on other expensive and intrusive treatments that may not work completely.

At Lice Happens, we consider ourselves lice experts. We take lice removal very seriously. We carefully but quickly remove lice and their eggs to ensure a proper decontamination. We believe so strongly in this that we guarantee you will be satisfied with our services and treatment options when we leave your home. With our specialists, no case of lice is too big or too small; we’ve seen it all, and we are eager to help you combat lice for the comfort and safety of you and your family.

Lice removal can be a tricky situation to navigate. If you are in the Chantilly, VA area and have questions about head lice removal or the services we offer, call us at 443.510.4480 and we would be happy to help with any of your head lice elimination needs. Call us today @ 443.510.4480