Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Ashburn, VA

If you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by head lice, Lice Happens is your all-time sure bet to deal with this menace. Lice Happens is a professional mobile clinic offering efficient and effective head lice removal services. We are a mobile clinic and will visit your house in Ashburn, VA  with our lice removal services. If you are in need of a safe, all-natural head lice removal and treatment in Ashburn, VA, feel free to call 443.510.4480

Just call our 24-hour Lice Line now for assistance. Your call will immediately prompt a dispatch of our professional Lice treatment Specialists to the comfort and privacy of your own home. Lice Happens is here to always make you feel comfortable.  Just a single visit will leave you settled and with peace of mind. Our satisfaction comes from solving your lice problem.

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“Lice” – it’s the forbidden word that no one wants to think about – until it happens to you and then it’s all that you CAN think about. Lice, parasites that are found on the human head, are fun for no one. Unfortunately, they are more common than one may think – especially among preschoolers and school-aged children. The worst part is the rate at which they spread. Female head lice can lay up to six eggs per day, so if you don’t seek treatment promptly, you could end up with a lice infestation very quickly. If you live in the Ashburn, VA region, Lice Happens can provide you with the lice removal services that you need to eradicate this issue right away.

Trying to treat head lice on your own often feels like a losing battle. If you miss just one egg or just one of the nits, you can quickly end up with a reoccurring problem. Luckily, you don’t have to go at head lice alone!

“But I don’t have time to go out and seek treatments. We are just too busy for lice!”

If this sounds like you, we have your solution! Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal clinic – so we bring our services to you! That’s right. At Lice Happens we bring our treatment services directly to your door so you don’t have to put your day on hold! Whether it is you, your child or another loved one who is dealing with lice, we can provide you with comprehensive treatment to ensure that you don’t have to deal with it anymore. While we are at your house we will do a thorough check of everyone in the home to make sure nothing has been missed!

Many people who seek assistance in removing lice are worried about harsh chemicals being used during the process. We are here to assure you that all of our treatments are environmentally friendly, and do not contain any harsh chemicals or pesticides. This means that they are safe for anyone to use without any concerns of risks caused by chemicals.

At Lice Happens, we don’t just want to treat your existing lice problem, we also want to prevent future problems. This is why our mobile center specialists take extra time to educate you on prevention techniques. When we come to your house, we won’t leave until you are confident that the lice problem has been treated and that you know how to prevent it from reoccurring!

We are Professional

Lice Happens specialists are trained to deal with any kind of lice problem, from mild to severe. And don’t worry – we have seen it all before! While lice is a common problem and absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, your confidentiality is top priority. Each and every specialist at Lice Happens is a trained professional and will do everything possible to make our visit as comfortable as possible for you.

Don’t wait until you have an infestation in your home – get lice treatment from Lice Happens today. To seek advice or set up an appointment in Ashburn, VA , call our 24 hour LiceLine at 443.510.4480 and banish those bugs for good!