Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Alexandria, VA

Lice Happens proudly introduces a revolution in lice treatment services. Our mobile clinic, equipped with highly skilled lice treatment specialists, provides productive and professional lice removal and treatment services ready to remove lice in the comfort of your own home! You can reach us at 443.510.4480. Lice Happens offers in-home head lice removal services in Alexandria, VA and the surrounding areas.

If you reside in this area, all you need to do is call us at 443.510.4480 , our Lice Happens 24-hour LiceLine, and our certified lice treatment specialists will be dispatched to your aid.

We are also mobile service providers who value the environment, which is why we only provide all-natural lice treatment services that are safe for the environment and safe for you.

Just one visit from our mobile clinic is guaranteed to bring back your peace of mind.

Unsure whether Lice Happens services your community? Contact us at 443.510.4480 or email us at to find out.

Has your child come home with head lice? Were you immediately panicked about it spreading not only to you, but the rest of your family? Have you tried to eradicate head lice on your own, only to have it keep coming back? At Lice Happens, we empathize with the urgency of dealing with this stressful situation. We provide specialized mobile lice removal treatment services to Alexandria, VA and the surrounding areas, with services that are equally thorough and sensible for families of all types.

Your time is valuable. On average, each treatment lasts roughly 1 to 1 ½ hours to complete for the most comprehensive removal. Safety is important to you. Our lice treatment options make use of high-quality ingredients – never harmful pesticides or unsafe chemicals that can cause unpleasant side effects. If you would like to know more about ways to treat and prevent head lice, we will educate you and your family on proper lice removal procedures to remove lice from your home, and to keep them from coming back.

Our treatment professionals have seen a broad range of head lice cases, from mild to severe. With that experience, they are able to provide care in the most extensive manner. They can remove lice and nits (lice eggs) adeptly and gently, with no cutting corners. We are confident your in-home treatment will leave you feeling pleased and secure with the lice removal services we provide.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at 443.510.4480 and we would be happy to answer them. Whether you would like more information on the lice removal services we offer, or have general head lice questions, we are here to serve you and your family with quality, effective care in Alexandria, Virginia.