Mobile Lice Removal And Treatment – Prince George County

Looking for an effective and efficient solution to your head lice trouble? Then look no further. Lice Happens provides in-home lice removal services in Prince George County, MD and the surrounding areas.

Lice Happens provides a 100% all natural and safe in-home fix for your head lice problems in Prince George County, MD and the surrounding metro areas. We are available 24 Hours and you can get in touch with us on our LiceLine at any time. Call 443-510-4480. Our Certified Professionals and Lice Treatment Specialists guarantee an infestation free home on one treatment. Our agents are mobile and will come treat you in your home. As soon as you call our treatment center, our mobile clinic will be dispatched to you. We believe in doing the job perfectly in just one visit, so when you call Lice Happens you can rest assured that the treatment will be effective, guaranteed. If you would like to know if we provide our service in your community, you can give us a call at 443-510-4480 or email us at

It can be unnerving wondering if your child and other family members may have contracted head lice based on information that has come home from their school or day care center. Some cases of head lice infestation are really obvious, but by then the infestation is usually pretty severe. A mild case can be very difficult to spot with an untrained eye. Leaving a mild case to get worse just because you are unsure is unsafe. Let us help you take charge of the health and well being of your family. Contact the professional mobile lice removal service Lice Happens. Call us @ 443-510-4480.

Lice Happens will dispatch a certified professional lice treatment specialist right to your home. There is no reason to go to a salon or clinic because there is a discreet mobile service available to come right to your door. Upon arrival the highly trained specialist will thoroughly screen each family member to determine which members require treatment. Then we will immediately begin the treatments. Since our specialists have extensive training and experience they will be able to remove all the lice and nits (the lice eggs) in one treatment, guaranteed. Our specialists have encountered cases that are quite severe and very mild so they know exactly what to do. We will not recommend any intrusive, expensive, or unnecessary sanitizing services. We provide non-toxic, gentle, safe, and environmentally friendly treatments with no harmful pesticides. Each treatment takes an average of 60 to 90 minutes and the treatment includes specialized education and training to reduce the possibility of recurrence. You can rest assured that your family’s lice issues have been eliminated.

Call our Lice Line now open 24 hours a day at 443-510-4480. Be sure. Have a professional screen and treat your family in the Prince George County and surrounding area to eliminate the lice issues for your family.