Mobile Lice Removal And Treatment – Embassy Row

Mobile Head Lice Services

Are you or someone you love suffering from an itchy scalp related to head lice? Have you tried countless over-the-counter medications and treatments but just can’t find something that works? If so, you are far from alone! Head lice are a common problem in the United States, and can be very difficult to get rid of. Many over-the-counter treatments require multiple uses, and even then, if you don’t do all of the due-diligence and cleaning around your home, they simply won’t be effective. The result is a lot of wasted time, effort, and money. This is why many people are now choosing to turn to a mobile head lice service and salon for help.

Hello – we are Lice Happens, and if you live in the Embassy Row area, we are that mobile salon clinic that you are looking for! At Lice Happens we send out professional and courteous head lice treatment specialists right to your door so that you can receive treatment in your own home and on your own time. Call us today @ 443-510-4480.

What should you expect when we visit? The first thing we will do, after discussing your initial concerns of course, is give each member of the household a thorough check and head lice screening. Lice can spread rapidly from person-to-person, so if we want to treat it properly, we need to make sure that everyone is screened and treated (if necessary).

Once we have determined who is in need of treatment, we will move forward with the actual treatment process. During this time we will only use the most gentle and effective of treatments. We promise that we will not put anything on your head that contains chemicals or pesticides. Rather, all of our treatments are chemical and pesticide free, as well as environmentally friendly.

While we are treating you and your family members, we will also take the time to properly educate you about head lice. Not only can we show you how to look for live lice and nits (eggs), but we can also inform you of how to prevent lice from re-entering your home and hair in the future.

Head Lice Removal can be tough, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Our mobile center can send someone directly to your home who can screen and treat your family members with gentle treatments that are effective after only one use.

If you have tried everything but nothing has worked, call our 24 hour company Lice Line in Embassy Row now: 443-510-4480. We can send a specialist to your door quickly, so that you don’t have to deal with an itchy scalp anymore! Our services promise that we will never take advantage of you or your pocketbook, and that we will never prolong treatments just to make an extra dime. With Lice Happens, we will get the job right the first time – saving you both time and money!