Mobile Lice Removal And Treatment – Calvert County

Effective Lice Removal

When children contract head lice at school the effects can be far reaching.  Have they spread to the rest of the family? What about the house?  How do I get rid of them? Lice Happens understands how hard and confusing it can be when faced with a head lice infestation. We are here to answer all of your questions, arm you with factual information and rid your family of the problem.

We provide efficient, affordable and effective in-home head lice removal services to Calvert County, and the surrounding areas.  Call us at 443-510-4480.

Safe and Non-Toxic Treatment

Our products are all natural and completely free from harsh chemicals and pesticides. Therefore all of our products are totally safe to use on all members of the family.

While  treating you, our specialists will be educating you on the best methods to prevent future infestations leaving you confident and empowered.

Professional Lice Treatment Specialists

We are a team of certified lice removal specialists who are caring and compassionate. All of our specialists are highly experienced and trained to deal with all kinds of lice cases, from mild infestations to extreme cases.  While treating your family, our specialists will provide you with complete knowledge, answering all of your questions.

Contact Us for Assistance

If you’re in need of effective, safe, all natural head lice treatment do not hesitate to call us at 443-510-4480. Our 24 hour Liceline is always available to schedule a visit and answer any of your questions.  You can also email us at

Call now to have a specialist sent to your home in Calvert County or the surrounding areas. We quickly, effectively and discreetly eliminate your family’s lice problem. Let us assist you  in the comfort of your own home.