Back to School Prep

That warm golden glow of summer has faded after eight-plus weeks of trying to keep your darling children entertained while school is out. While at times you thought it would never happen, the time for your kids to go back to school is just around the corner. If you need some help re-establishing your household’s school routine, read on for some advice on how to get back on track.

Sleep Schedule

Most parents have a tendency to let the rules around bedtime slip a bit during the summertime. Longer days and fewer responsibilities often result in later nights. If your kids have been staying up, you will want to gradually push forward their bedtimes to prep them for the earlier nights required when school is in session. Waiting until the night before school starts is a recipe for disaster and very tired kids on the first day of school.

Tidy the Desk

If your kids have a desk or workspace in their room, it has probably spent the summer overrun with Legos, action figures or other assorted toy chest paraphernalia. The time has come to reclaim the desk for homework. It may be hard to not exert your control, but if you let your kids clean this space, you may have the best results. Simply guide them by suggesting they think about what they need for homework (i.e. pencils, paper, a computer, etc.). Whatever isn’t on that list needs to find another space to live.

Fight the Jitters

It is the rare kid that doesn’t have a moment (or more) of not wanting to return to school. Maybe your kid is nervous about starting at a new school. Or possibly she is sad to see summer end. He could be afraid of the new, more demanding workload this year may bring. Start by asking what exactly your child is concerned about, and if the first response is “everything,” then keep digging.

Once you unearth the reason you can craft a response to ease your kiddo’s concerns. For instance, if the reason is summer ending, remind her of the great friends and activities that school brings. If the workload is scaring him, remind him that everyone needs some time to catch up at the start of the year, and if he needs help you will figure that out together. If nerves about a new situation have got your child concerned, help him or her by reconnecting with another friend at the school. Whatever you can do to help your child anticipate what is to come is good in this situation.

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