Lice Removal Service In Hillsborough, NJ

Parents are often faced with the nightmare of their children contracting head lice at school. Head lice spread fast and the entire household becomes at risk which can be a ghastly experience. A specialist must be contacted at the first signs of head lice in order to prevent them from spreading too far and becoming a major nuisance. This is where we come in. We are a mobile clinic that specializes in eradicating head lice infestations in your home. Lice Happens offers professional services that are effective and available for all ages. We cater to the Hillsborough, NJ area and ease the stress of lice with a quality mobile clinic lice removal service that is convenient and affordable.

There is no need to visit a salon for removal of lice as we offer a quick and safe solution in the comfort of your home. Our lice removal treatments have no dangerous pesticides or harsh chemicals and treat your head so effectively that even the nit (lice eggs) are removed completely. The treatment also consists of our specialists giving you insight on what preventative measures to take to ensure head lice do not return to your home. A thorough lice removal treatment with us takes only one to one and a half hours.

Our specialists give you the most effective lice removal treatments and are well equipped to ensure you never have a problem again. We have experience in dealing with all sorts of head lice infestations from the mildest cases to the most extreme. You will be guaranteed to be clear of head lice when we leave your home and feel confident they wont return.

Lice Happens is an effective company that is ready to help. Contact our Hillsborough, NJ center on the 24-hour hotline for any inquiries you may have. The number to call is 973 727 8902. We are ready to help you with any questions you may have or to book your appointment for effective and satisfaction guaranteed lice removal.  Call us today @ 973.727.8902