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Jan Cooper

Get it done right the first time! With Lice Happens, there’s one call, one visit, and then… peace of mind!

Lice Happens head lice treatment service in the Western Jersey metropolitan area includes, but is not limited to the following locations. Lice Happens services all of New Jersey. Please call us at 908.666.2840 or email us at



  • Byram Township
  • Green Township
  • Lafayette Township
  • Sparta Township

Warren County

  • Belvidere
  • Blairstown
  • Finesville
  • Great Meadows
  • Hackettstown
  • Hope
  • Millbrook


Typically, within 20 minutes after arriving at a client’s home, I’m asked, “How did you get into this business?” After two years of working as a Lice Specialist, I know that the real question is…”Why in the world would anyone in their right mind choose to pick lice out of people’s hair?!” I am happy to report that by the time I leave a family’s home, they understand completely. Having spent three decades in the travel industry, I wanted to do something that made a difference. When a mother or father calls me they are overwhelmed, confused, grossed out, afraid and often times…panicked. I am able to turn what seems to be an awful situation into one that is not only manageable but empowering. I am trained to educate a family about lice and dispel a plethora of misconceptions. I help the family understand how the life cycle of lice works and how to eradicate the pesky critters. I come to listen and learn, provide sound advice and compassion and leave having put the pieces of the lives back together.

lice happens will

  • Come to your home and quickly and accurately screen all family members
  • Treat affected family members using our non-toxic, pesticide-free products while we do a thorough, manual comb-out
  • Educate and train you so you can actually prevent infestations from occurring even if your children are reintroduced to head lice in the future by a different source
  • Leave you in control with the tools, knowledge and confidence to outsmart head lice from now on!


lice happens will not

  • Take advantage of your wallet nor your frazzled state-of-mind,
  • Take over your home with unnecessary “home sanitizing” services
  • Use gimmicky gadgets as a short cut to effective head lice removal
  • Include any “downtime” in our treatment process for which you’re being charged


Don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say!


Thanks for your hard work for helping  my family last night. I  learned a lot and your expertise was amazing. You made it a fun night for such a serious matter.

Thanks again.
 – Jim

I even told our school nurse, and she provided a link to your Web site in the last e-mail that came home from the school — it’s a whole newsletter, but there was a portion about lice, and then a link to

Anyway, when you find something good in life, you either hoard it for yourself or you pass it on! I choose to pass it on!

You can use my whole name on your website. “No shame, no blame!”


I am very comfortable that if we ever have another case in our house I will be able to treat it and have someone to call for advice.

Thanks again and I would recommend your service to anyone who has this problem.

  • Peter was amazing! I am visiting from Australia and was in a total panic. He arrived at my hotel room exactly on time and was so reassuring and lovely. What a pleasure, the experience was as easy and simple as it possibly could be!
  • Having been dealing with this annoying problem for the last month I finally threw my hands up and decided to call in the professionals. They were at my house within an hour and completely put my mind at ease. They taught me everything I needed to do with my house and how to prevent us from getting it again in the future. If you have been battling head lice like I was do not worry- call Lice Happens! They are so knowledgeable, professional and my kids loved them. Amazing service!
  • Peter was amazing! It was my first time as a parent dealing with lice and I was very panicked. I called the service and he picked up within a couple minutes, calmed me down and was at our apartment in Manhattan by 10am. He had a very deep understanding of lice (who knew!) and did a thorough job of making sure they had all been removed and explaining the follow up. I could not recommend enough! Thank you!

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