Summer Is Half Gone: It’s Not Too Late For Summer Camp

If you are a working parent, you know that summertime means figuring out summer camps and daycare options for your kids. It can be a crazy time, trying to make sure you have all your days covered so your kids have somewhere safe and fun to go. And while there are tons of options out there, that can be a headache in its own right—trying to determine which choices are best for your kids and your budget. Need some help figuring it all out?

Think About Your Needs

Sure your kid may dream of going to animation camp at Disney or NASA’s space camp, but let’s face it, those super cool options may not work with your schedule, or your budget! So be practical about what your camp needs and expectation are for the summer. Ask yourself if your kid is the kind that needs an action-packed kind of camp or something a bit more laid back. And maybe you don’t even have to opt for a formal camp. Talk to your neighbors, maybe you could organize some sort of co-op camp in your community for the local kids, with each family responsible for the kids for one week.

What About Sleep Away Camp?

Deciding if your kid is ready for sleep away camp can be agonizing. But the answer may be right in front of you—what’s your kid saying? For instance, if they are asking about it, they are probably ready. However, if they can’t make it through a one-night sleep over at a friend’s house down the street? Well then you may want to hold off for another year. If you decide that your kid is ready for that level of independence, be sure to follow camp rules. If they say no cell phones for instance, don’t sneak one just so you will feel more comfortable.

Bankrolling The Fun

Camps and daycare are not inexpensive. The sooner you start investigating what options are out there, the sooner you can determine how much money you will need. This can be helpful, because you may need to sock some cash away in advance of the summer to be able to pay for it all. If the neighborhood camp idea works out that can be a great way to cut costs. You may even see if the grandparents would be up for a week-long visit as another way to save a bit.

At Lice Happens, we’re parents too, and we know you have enough on your plate shuttling kids back and forth to camps and the pool, while trying to fit in a family getaway. Should lice happen to your kids this summer, we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call, and that’s one less thing you have to worry about!