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Lice Happens is an effective in-home head lice removal service providing safe treatment and removal for the Towson, MD area. We provide lice removal services carried out by our certified professionals. Call our mobile lice clinic number @ 443.510.4480  We will provide you with lice removal services right from the comfort of your home.

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A head lice infestation is an uncomfortable experience. Children contract head lice at school and can potentially spread their lice amongst the whole family. Early signs of head lice should be met with immediate action to prevent a complete infestation. There is no need to contact a fancy salon or clinic as Lice Happens offers you a fast, simple and completely effective mobile lice removal service. We know how unpleasant removing lice can be after an infestation and have the means to give you complete peace of mind as our effective treatment guarantees the total removal of lice and their eggs. We provide comprehensive treatments to all ages in the Towson, MD area.

Our lice removal services provide you with safe and professional treatments that are not intrusive nor expensive. We use top quality products that are made without any harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our specialists educate you and your whole family on how to prevent and control future head lice infestations. We specialize in all cases of head lice infestation and our removal process averages around 1 to 1.5 hours. Our treatments offer you complete eradication of lice and leave you feeling confident that they won’t return.

Our expert staff members are professional and highly experienced in eradicating head lice and nits. We are equipped to deal with mild to extreme cases and guarantee success. Your whole family will be left free of any signs of head lice and you will be left with sound knowledge on how to prevent them in the future. Lice Happens is a company dedicated to providing professional lice services that you can count on.

Our Towson, MD service location is standing by to assist you with any information or assistance you might need. We offer immediate assistance so contact us as soon as you notice signs of head lice. You can call us at 443.510.4480 or visit our website.