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Expert Head Lice Removal Services

As a parent, it can be quite an uneasy feeling to discover that your child has been exposed to head lice at school. Head lice spread fast and can be contracted through other means such as visiting a hair salon. The speed at which they spread means other family members in your home are exposed too which ends up being quite stressful. Fortunately, Lice Happens is here to help. We offer professional mobile services in the treatment of head lice removal to all residents of Baltimore, MD. We treat all ages and provide comprehensive and practical solutions.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Although our services are highly effective, they are never excessive. Our professional experts use inexpensive specialist treatment methods that are never intrusive. The treatment process entails the use of quality products which do not contain chemicals or pesticides. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that the treatment process will not affect your health or the health of your family in any negative way. We educate you and your family on how to prevent further head lice infestations in the future. In addition, our lice removal process saves you time as it only takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to completely remove the head lice including the eggs.

Highly Trained and Experienced Professionals

Our company employs a team of highly qualified lice removal specialists who have extensive experience in handling cases from mild to extreme head lice infestations. Our mobile clinic experts are equipped with the technical know-how for complete treatments and fast removal of head lice and nits. We offer complete removal and do not take shortcuts. We will leave you feeling confident and at ease about never having to deal with the challenges of lice infestations in your house again.

Reach Out to Us

If you have any questions related to head lice removal and prevention or would like to know more about our services, please contact our Baltimore, MD center at our 24-hour hotline. Call us at 443.510.4480 today! We are ready to help you eliminate head lice in your home.