Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment Baltimore, MD

Professional Head Lice Removal Services

Lice Happens provides efficient in-home head lice removal services in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas.  Upon arrival, our highly trained lice specialists will thoroughly yet quickly screen all members of your family.  It is important to do this so that other members of the family that aren’t showing signs of having lice don’t re-infest those just treated.   Our specialist will then treat those infested while providing complete education and training of our combing techniques.  We know how stressful it can be to receive that phone call that your child has lice. We are here to rid you of that stress. Lice Happens is here to help.

If you live in Baltimore, MD or the surrounding area, call our 24- LiceLine on 443.510.4480 for help today!

Safe In-home Treatments

Our mobile salon uses only safe and natural ingredients to treat your head lice problem.  We use no chemicals or pesticides.  Our treatments guarantee the complete and safe removal of lice.

Our treatment process includes the use of our Lice Happens professional products.  Our stainless steel NitPickerPro comb has micro grooves in each of the teeth enabling the loosening and removal of nits from the hair strands.  All of our products are safe enough to use on children of any age.  We will also educate you and your family on how to prevent any future head lice infestations.

Highly Trained and Professional Specialists

Our company employs a team of highly qualified lice removal specialists who have extensive experience in handling cases from mild to extreme head lice infestations. Our mobile clinic experts are equipped with the technical know-how for effective treatments and fast removal of head lice and nits.  We will leave you feeling confident and equipped if you ever have to deal with the challenges of a lice infestation again.

Contact Us For Effective Lice Removal

If you are in need of lice removal treatment in Baltimore, MD or the surrounding area, simply give us a call at 443.510.4480, on our Lice Happens 24/7  LiceLine. Our professional and experienced lice treatment specialists will come to your home with all of the necessary treatments needed to rid you of this problem for good. We are ready to help you eliminate head lice in the comfort of your home.