Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal service that provides lice treatments in the privacy of a private residence. We are available to those residing in Georgia! Lice Happens was started by our co-founders, a registered nurse and a quality assurance professional, who have passion for helping people and ridding lice from clients. We don’t take being invited into your home lightly, and we see treating our clients during a vulnerable time as an honor and privilege. We will never take advantage of your time or money. We understand that having lice is never convenient, and it is our goal to remedy the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our services are discreet and timely. Our treatment specialists will arrive to your home in an unmarked vehicle. We prioritize treating children first, as they are most often affected with head lice and have a harder time withstanding the effects. We want your little ones to go back to being kids as soon as possible.

Treatments are safe for the whole family. Our trained specialists will check each member of the household and provide treatments to all of those experiencing a lice outbreak. Sometimes, members of the family who are affected by lice will not display the common symptoms of an outbreak. This is why we check everybody. Unlike over-the-counter treatments found at drugstores, our treatments are safe, non-toxic, cost effective, pesticide free, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, effective!

Our treatments, combined with meticulous fine combing and manual removal of lice, eggs, and nits, ensure that lice are eradicated from each member of the family experiencing an outbreak. Additionally, our services are similar to those of a salon. We provide gentle and effective treatments, without the hassle of having you have to go out to a public place. Our specialists have experience treating children, and our methods are kid-friendly, calm, and soothing.

To be thorough, we also educate our clients on how to properly clean the home and launder bed linens and clothes to ensure there are no more living lice on the premises. We also offer coaching on how to prevent future outbreaks from occurring.

Lice Happens’ mobile service allows our clients the freedom of being treated in the privacy of their own homes without having to spend money on ineffective, toxic, painful over-the-counter treatments that often don’t work, even after multiple applications.

Lice Happens offer emergency services as well as appointments to those living in the state of Georgia. Contact us 7 days a week at (770)776-7913.