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Professional Head lice Services in Southwest Waterfront

Every year millions of Americans face one of their biggest fears – head lice! And if you have recently been informed that your child has head lice, you are far from alone. Unfortunately, that fact probably doesn’t make you feel any better. Alone or not, you still have to face the problem of ridding your child and your home of head lice and their nits (eggs). And if you have ever tried over-the-counter treatments or medications, you probably already know that this is easier said than done. And if not treated properly, it won’t be long before one – two – three – all members of your family have been exposed! Don’t waste your time on over-the-counter solutions that are costly and ineffective. Rather, hire a professional lice removal service that can just the job done right in just a few hours! Call us @ 443-510-4480.

We are Lice Happens – a professional, mobile lice removal salon that can expel head lice from both your hair and your home in as little as 1.5 hours. Here’s how we do it:
• We come to your home – Lice Happens is a 100% mobile center that brings the professionals to you. We can each screen, treat, and educate you without you having to step a foot out of your home!
• We provide you with experienced specialists – At Lice Happens, all of our staff are highly trained and have had experience with all different levels of severity concerning lice. Whether you have just found one louse or your head is covered in nits, we can help removed them safely and effectively!
• We screen the whole family – The specialists at Lice Happens know how quickly and easily lice can be spread, so it is important to us that we screen your entire family before moving forward with treatment. Any affected families members will then be treated appropriately.
• We treat you with eco-friendly products – At Lice Happens, we are against using any products that contain harsh chemicals or pesticides. As such, all of our treatments are chemical and pesticide free, as well as environmentally friendly and safe.
• We educate you – When we send you a specialist, our main goal is to treat your lice concerns. With that said, we wouldn’t feel right if we left without educating you and your entire family on lice prevention. Not only can our company services teach you how to prevent yourself from catching lice, but we can also show you exactly what to look for so that if you do catch them, you can catch them early.

If you are tired of using ineffective products and dealing with lice in Southwest Waterfront, call our clinic today at 443-510-4480. We run a 24 hour line where we can answer all of your questions and have a specialist sent to your door quickly!