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Professional Head lice Services in Georgetown

Have you recently found out that your child was exposed to head lice? If so, you are not alone! There are millions of Americans every year that face that dreaded sentence – “your child has head lice”. Head lice is something that is feared by many, not because it is harmful, but because it is irritating and difficult to get rid of. Not only that, but once one family member has been exposed, it doesn’t take long for head lice to spread to other members of the family as well.

This is why you want to deal with it head on and fight the lice effectively the first time around. Unfortunately, many over the counter treatments just don’t work. But with the help of a mobile lice removal service and salon like Lice Happens, you can obtain effective treatment in only a few hours.
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Benefits of working with Lice Happens:
• We are a completely mobile lice removal center – this means that we travel to you! No longer do you have to leave your home to find effective lice treatment. Just give us a call at our 24 hour LiceLine and we will send a professional lice removal specialist your way!
• We are highly trained – all of our staff are highly trained treatment specialists who have been educated on, and have plenty of experience in, dealing with all severities of head lice cases from the most mild to the most severe.
• We will screen all members of the family – Here at Lice Happens, we want to resolve your head lice concerns the first time around. That means that we want to make sure every member of your family is screened and treated (if necessary) to prevent future breakouts of lice around the home.
• We offer safe treatments – Our Lice Happens mobile clinic only offers treatments that have proven to be safe and effective. We will never attempt to sell you products that could put you or your family at risk, and will never provide you with unnecessary or ineffective treatments. Rather, all of our products are environmentally friendly, as well as chemical and pesticide free. We also guarantee that they will be effective the first time around, and after only a few hours of treatment (as little as 1.5 hours) you could have effective relief from those annoying little bugs!
• We will educate you – Our Lice Happens specialists don’t want to just treat you – we want to educate you! When using our lice removal service, we will take the time to educate you on things like lice and nit (egg) prevention and detection. It is not enough for us to help you just this one time, we want to make sure that you don’t have to deal with head lice ever again!

If you are in need of fast and effective head lice services in Georgetown, call us today at 443-510-4480