A Bug Killer Talks

Lice Happens featured in The Washington Post Magazine! First Person Singular: Leigh Mang, lice specialist, Lice Happens Keep your head up By Amanda Long May 5, 2013 I’ve always been the bug killer in the house. Even in college, my roommates relied on me to kill the bugs. I don’t get freaked out easily. When … Continue reading “A Bug Killer Talks”

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A Bug in a Rug or a Whole Tub of Chicken?

Contrary to the popular adage, ignorance is decidedly NOT bliss. Not in the lice eradication business, anyway. Imagine thinking that you’d continue to be plagued by lice unless you cleaned and sanitized every square millimeter of your home, burned your bedding and replaced all your furniture. Sound blissful? I didn’t think so. How about hopping … Continue reading “A Bug in a Rug or a Whole Tub of Chicken?”

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